So as I sit at my desk typing this, the weather outside is highly changeable.  Its May 2024 and the weather is starting to look at bit more promising.  I know, as Brits, the weather is a BIG topic on conversation.  But for fashion retail it's can also make or break a business.  It's quite significant the way we can track in store and online shopping with regards to the weather.  When the sun is shining, and it feels 'glorious' to be outside, we have our shop doors wide open and because we have two huge windows the shop is warm, bright and airy and we have lots of smiley happy customers.  We get a real 'buzz' in the shop.  But on the other hand, the online sales drop because no one wants to be sitting on their phone or computer browsing the internet when the weather is so wonderful.  But then, obviously, on the other hand, when it's cold, wet and windy, no one wants to come into the shop as we are in an outside shopping parade, but then, the website seems to pick up some of the business.  So as you can see, the weather plays a HUGE role in making or breaking our summer season.  Plus, no one wants to be wearing a pretty summer strappy dress when the weather has decided to be artic in June!

For me, summer is my favourite season in fashion.  I'm a girl of the 80's so I'm all about bold colour and design and that theme runs through our collections.  I'm all for 'beige' as I think its super stylish but sometimes it can be on the boring side and as you age can make you blend in rather too much, when actually you want to stand out!  I'm a huge van of Viv Westwood, Terry DeHavilland (the original) and the designer Iris Apfel.  They all embrace colour and bold daring statement styles.  Not something we would all wear everyday, but it trickles down to our own style and gives us the confidence to mix it up a bit and maybe just once in a while go a little crazy.  

So, I am loving all the styles coming through this season.  It's all about the bold print, think parrots, tropical birds, big colourful bold prints.  It's very much about confidence - being that person that another lady says 'oh I love your dress' to in the loos.  There is nothing more empowering than another woman admiring you and your fashion sense.  And I'm all about girl empowerment.  Loving each other and lifting each other up.  If you have met me in the shop, maybe you have spotted that nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a lady emerge from the changing room looking the absolute bees knees and knowing it.  Especially if she has gone into the changing room feeling unseen, dowdy and miserable.  The right outfit can literally change a girls life!  

I also have the best team of absolute legends behind me.  As I say, its a total girl band effort and they make it look easy.  We get asked on a weekly basis if we have any vacancies, and the fact that pretty much every time someone joins us, they never leave, I think speaks volumes about how much I value them, but also how much fun we also have as Team BOO.

So, if you get the chance, please pop in to our BOO HQ in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex CM3 5TQ.  Or simply shop online.  Our reviews speak for themselves.  Basically its customer service, customer service, customer service.  With some rather awesome fashion on offer too.

Lots of love


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